The lazy rain!

             O! the lazy rain!

                         I am very annoyed today

Why did you come so late???

             I have been waiting for you so long near the window

   like I wait everyday.

Sometimes you scare me,

    You know the whole world has slept now

It’s time for us to talk……

Some yours and some mine

       But don’t annoy me again….

Because you are my dear rain! My

Lovely rain !!!!!!!!!!!!



Achieved 101 views in blogging….HURRAH! A great achievement for me.  The first blog post,the first like,the first view,the first visitor, …..these all things means a lot to me.

It had happened only because of your love and support for me that too for a “beginner”  It means a lot.It inspires me to carry on my work.Lots of things are yet to come in my blog posts that will be effective only through your precious love and support.Keep encouraging me .A heartful of thanks from the core of my heart……I know you will be supporting me  in my journey of blogging.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)……..


Hello everyone

 very new to “blogging”..Lets introduce me……Myself Plabita :-).l belong to North East India(Assam).I am 26years old.I am a teacher.I am a day dreamer too 🙂 :-).To talk about my interests: I love music,books, crafts, food,dress of course,chat with friends,long drives with special ones,and many more……


Besides Teaching I also have a habit of writing.In my student life I used to write a lot.

Writing gives a platform to express yourself .My personal diary is my best friend who knows me well than any one else….. My blogs will not be specifically about one topic ,it will vary on many topics like personal,educational _English grammar and literature , travel, food,book reviews etc


As a newbie in blogging it’s a great task for me to do everything.I need your support to continue it …..Right now I am just trying to make a trial to my posts and see how it works and what it does actually.As I have already said about my least knowledge about blogs and blogging so if I commit any mistake please help me and also comment me about it……….loads of love to all