Or else……….

Embrace her she is about to fall,

Listen her she is about to be silent , 

Talk to her she is about to be dumb,

Make her smile or else she will never smile again,

Make her cry or else she will never cry again,

Make her scream or else you will miss her loudest voice that irritated you often,

Let her to be jealous again or else you will never be able to fight again,

Hold her breath or else she will never breathe again…..


Strings of heart……

The breath of mine flows towards you

Although a great distance exits between us,

I feel your smell always 

My eyes tinkles as you are in them 

    My lips smile as you are in them

My heart beats as you are in them……..

We are together today tomorrow and forever…….

The strings that are united forever……..

The lazy rain!

             O! the lazy rain!

                         I am very annoyed today

Why did you come so late???

             I have been waiting for you so long near the window

   like I wait everyday.

Sometimes you scare me,

    You know the whole world has slept now

It’s time for us to talk……

Some yours and some mine

       But don’t annoy me again….

Because you are my dear rain! My

Lovely rain !!!!!!!!!!!!

Lazy girl

See how lazy I am…..I could not publish any posts for so many days.This is a bad habit of mine and this is not a new thing for me.I know it has been happening like this from my childhood onwards.I think to do something good but 🙂 🙂 🙂 as usual…..My habit doesn’t leave me.:-) 🙂 🙂 Concentrating on  one thing is out of my habit but this is very  shameful for me and I confess it….As I couldn’t find any progress in my blogging too….See how lazy I am……..

Hello everyone ,, This is a personal post .:-) :-)about me which I wanted to share with you. Please keep supporting me 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 loads of love to all of you



She loves him,

She loves when he rests in her bosom like a little child,

He doesn’t say but she understands ,

A care that a child needs

he is too shy and fears to speak out even to his “dear “

      But she knows and embraces him in her bosom,

He sleeps peacefully like a little child,

She watches him for hours and hours and 

     She smiles and smiles and smiles

Ah!!!!!!!She loves him……

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Thank you

🙂 🙂 🙂 A word that shows gratitude towards you.It gives us such a smile that  nothing is worthy than this…..You will feel” great“.My father told me that if we do something good or help them in their troubles than that person will never forget you.They will say “Thank you”.And that compliment will give a different kind of feeling which is even an expensive material cannot give us.I don’t want to say that material things are wothless.But these kind of feelings are “eternal”.

         Today in my busy schedule of life I have helped two of my friends although it was a simplest one.But when they told me “Thank you”I was smiling silently.The day was very memorable for me.I have found a pleasure in myself that cannot be expressed.But through certain words in this post I am sharing my feelings.It was a ” good day” for me 🙂 :-)…..All of us have passed through certain moments.But if you have not thought about such moments seriously than just remind  that moment once and see what a “smile” you will find in yourself when you also have helped someone and in return they had told “Thank you”…….I bet you will smile alone..And if I think it can be shared with others then please do share with me .

         Sometimes certain small moments can bring you happiness which money cannot give.